Please call or email first to set up a date and time.
$40 Deposit Required for All Appointments.
Goes toward the payment of the tattoo

1 - Saves your appointment which includes time for the final design, stenciling and working on the actual tattoo. If additional sessions are necessary to complete the tattoo, the deposit will be used for the final session.
2 - Make Sure You Show Up. If you can't make it, please give us at least 24 hours notice and we will reschedule. If we need to reschedule your appointment we will give you notice.
3 - We may work on the design and layout before your appointment, but will not make a finished drawing until you are present. If we have worked on a design based on our previous conversation, and you have changed your mind completely, you may lose your deposit.

Please call or email first to set up a date and time.

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